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Pre-designed Templates for Instant Pull Quote Creation

Social Quote Traffic comes ready to go with pre-made templates that all look great right out the box. Our Visual Quote Editor makes fine tuning any design easy and intuitive.

Create or Update in Seconds with the Visual Quote Editor


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Pre-styled Quote Templates

templatesWe created ten pre-designed templates that all look great right out the box. After choosing a template, you can easily style ANY of the elements within the quote. Screen Shot | Watch Video

Select Sharing Networks

templatesSelect which sharing networks to display on your socially enabled quote. Choose from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and the recently added Tumbler. Screen Shot | Watch Video

Tons of Font Options

templatesSocial Quote Traffic comes loaded with hundreds of Google Webfonts for finding the perfect style to match your site. Screen Shot | Watch Video

Create Borders

templatesCreate solid and dashed boarders of any color around your quote or customize each side individually. Show or hide any border and easily change the color, size, and style of each side. Screen Shot | Watch Video

Hundreds of Custom Icons

templatesChoose from the complete set of 369 icons from Font Awesome. Even change the color and make it spin to really give your quote a pop!
Screen Shot | Watch Video

Quote Layout & Styling

templatesChoose the size and background color of your quote, add padding, margins, and set the default alignment to right, left, or center.
Screen Shot | Watch Video

Social Share Styling

templatesStyle the social links to show as icons, sign icons, just text, or text with a social icon. Get detailed by changing size, adding colors, alignment, padding, and mouse over color. Screen Shot | Watch Video

Share Text Customization

templatesChange, add, or remove your call to action text that prompts each reader to share your quote. Easily customize color, size, and font style of your share text. Screen Shot | Watch Video

Add a Socially Enabled Quote to Any Post or Page with One Click…

templatesSimply highlight your quote and click the Social Quote Traffic icon within the post editor to wrap your text with the Social Quote Traffic shortcode. Screen Shot | Watch Video

Cross Browser Compatible

templatesAll our designs are coded with the latest HTML and CSS standards, and have been tested on all the latest browsers (and some older ones too!)

Built On WordPress

templatesSocial Quote Traffic is a WordPress plugin that works out the box on a platform you know and trust.

Award Winning Support

templatesAs a member you get access to our world class support (should you need it).

Why Pull Quotes?

You see pull quotes in websites, news articles, magazines, and even advertising. Pull quotes break up your content, making it easier on the eyes and giving a element of design.

They provide anchors to emphasize excerpts and fix their attention to the most important parts of your articles.This is why pull quotes have a high read and attention rate.

Why Socially Connected Pull Quotes?

Increasingly the social signals you have on your website and content play a role in authority, search, and people deciding to share your content. The more shares you get the more traffic you get.

There 3 reasons why social engagement, sharing, and people interacting with your site and content are are becoming more important.

1 – Authority. It builds authority – when someone visits your site before they go further they look for indicators of who you are, can you be trusted, etc. Think of all the top sites you know of…

2 – Search and SEO. Increasingly it’s important if you want to be found in search that your site has to be sending the right social signals.

3 – Traffic. The more you can get people to engage with your content the more traffic you will get, the more it will be shared, and ultimately the more authority and search traffic you can build. It a lot of ways social engagement is the first turn of the wheel in digital marketing success.

All this leads to ultimately a bigger list or more ways for you to monetize your efforts.

So how do you increase social engagement? Sure you might have social sharing buttons at the top of your content or even at the bottom. But

With Social Quote Traffic you socially enable your pull quotes. Prompting someone to share that individual quote. For each social quote you add you increase your content’s sharing ability.

That’s ultimately why we created Social Quote Traffic, we wanted a way to increase the social engagement for our content.

What’s included with Social Quote Traffic?

You’ll get instant access to Social Quote Traffic (1.0) and all future updates. You’ll also get an unlimited sites license so you can use Social Quote Traffic on as many of your own sites as you like.

In addition, you’ll also get access to our rock solid support (should you need it) and our You Brand, Inc. Products Plugin that includes the Analytics and Social Sharing Module.

The next step is simple, click the add to cart button and we’ll see you on the other side.


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art-of-the-headline1The Art of the Headline will give you the tools you need to easily and quickly create highly effective headlines. By the the end of this training you will have a deep understanding of:

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  • Social Quote Traffic – Instant download to the Social Quote Traffic Plugin with a multi-site license.
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